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Future Radio is the story of a journey to Freedom through music and visuals, questioning the status quo. The first season, ‘Freedom’, deals with the concept of emancipation from the unexceptional and encourages the passionate pursuit of purpose. Through a mixture of word, music and visuals, Future Radio brings an energetic and theatrical experience to its audience. Future Radio is leading a revolution and challenging the norm through their unique brand of ‘Future Rock’. Come join Johnny Future in his liberation voyage.



Johnny Future

Johnny Future is the musical force and fearless frontman of Future Radio. Apart from writing, arranging and producing the music he also plays the guitar and does vocals on all the tracks. He is into art, loves to travel and speaks his mind (via music, mostly).   

Drikus Roets

Drikus Roets is the creative and design force behind Future Radio. By combining his love for music and art, he creates intricate stories and visuals to complement the music and vision of Future Radio. His lifelong muse has always been nature in all its forms, shapes, lines and textures.

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